Venetian Trip Report - June 3-6 2021

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    Hi my craps friends,

    Me and my Mrs. flew into LV late Thursday night about 11pm. It was hot; about 95f. Grabbed a cab to the Venetian and forgot that they had upgraded us to the Palazzo. The Palazzo is the high end of the Venetian resort. It has a separate tower and a separate casino with a restaurant row connecting the two disparate parts.

    The Palazzo room was very nice. It was a king bed with a large sunken living room with another big screen TV with a view of Trump Tower in the background. The room was temperature controlled with blackout curtains; very plush, lots of space; very nice. The Mrs. was pleased. The bathroom was upscale with a jacuzzi tub and a separate shower.

    Let's talk about Masks, and Covid protocols.
    1. You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth in all airports and on the plane. Southwest warned us twice that if you fail to wear a mask, you will be denied entry or be kicked off the flight. LV airport same rules; - wear a mask. (1 out of 100 people in the LV airport didn't bother to wear a mask)
    2. Nevada Casino's and hotels: By Nevada law, you must wear a mask if you are NOT vaccinated. If you have taken a shot, no mask needed. 95% of all the people in the Casino din NOT wear a mask. If you saw a person with a mask, you avoided them. All the workers wore masks, maybe 1-2 exceptions. There were no security measures in place to see if you were violating the law.
    3. NO buffets. Maybe 1-2 buffets were open; most Casinos and hotels had plans to reopen the buffets in the next 30-60 days. You had to eat in restaurants or the food courts. Everyone was eating and not wearing any masks, except for the food service workers.
    4. Poker rooms were open. The Venetian poker room was jammed (300 players), wall to wall people sitting down; weekend tournament in play. No masks. MGM poker room open, 50 people playing on a Saturday; no daily tournament.
    5. Plastic Plexiglass Shields - were in place around all gaming tables to protect deals and players from sneezing and cross infecting one another. I did a quick walk through the Tropicana and all of their shields were down; no barriers. The craps dealers had shields protecting the stick man and the ends of the tables. I still saw 10-12 players gambling at craps at a time. Shield did NOT inhibit screaming, jumping up and down and making an ass of one's self.

    Las Vegas Shows

    1. All the comedy shows were open and attended by people without masks. We saw Rich Little, the Impressionist. You have to be over 40 to enjoy his show. He used multimedia with the show and old tv clips and it was very funny. Its at the Tropicana at 6;30pm most nights.

    2. All the Cirque De Soleil shows were still dark; but all had plans to restart in the next 30-60 days.

    3. Strip shows, clubs were all open. One drunk wag told me that that strippers just wear a mask for fun or that they wear a mask with a hole in it downtown if you get my drift.

    Craps Tables

    Craps tables in the Palazzo, Ventican, MGM, and Tropicana had different limits. Trop was $10 and
    $25. MGM was all $25. The Venetian was one $15 and the rest $25. The Palazzo had one $15 Friday morning and by Saturday night was half $25 and half $50. All the crews wore masks.

    Craps Stories:

    1. I rode a roller coaster from day 1. I brought $1,000 cash with me. My limit was $1000/day in losses. The Mrs. highly disapproves of the $1,000 limit. She thinks $200 sounds about right to which I cough and say BS under my breath.

    2. Friday morning I won about $650 bucks; nice and steady; some medium runs. This was on a $15 table at the Venetian. I play a 3 Molly system that ballooned to a 4-5 Molly system. I try to take 3-5x odds on all bets. I typically start with 2-3x odds in the beginning to get a flow of the game.

    3. Friday night after the Rich Little Show, we cruised over to the MGM. The MGM is probably my favorite place to play craps. I lost $1,000 with my wife gritting her teeth watching me get my ass kicked in about an hour or so of play. I was betting $25 on the place line with $50 odds and just got killed. 7 after phucking 7 after phucking 7. I call it the "point-7 parade". I was steadily losing $100 a throw and, trust me, its gets old fast.

    4. The cab lines were an hour long at the MGM. (cab drivers in short supply). We walked back over to the Trop and got a cab back to the Palazzo. Wifey went to bed and I went to work. I played at a $25 table and was down about another $300 bucks when a magical shooter appeared. Somehow, because I was feeling lucky, I had started to put $5 on the little "Fire" circle. This shooter appears and he proceeds to hit 4 points and that was 40x odds. I was thinking the party would end there, but the shooter's come out was a 9 which was the 5th different point. He rolled about 20 times before he hit that nine and that was a nice $1,250 payout. He missed the next point with a quick point - seven. I had recouped all my losses and was now up about $1,600. I went to bed around 1am.

    5. Saturday morning was nice. I woke up thinking I was a craps savant. We went to brunch, and by the time we left, the population of Las Vegas had tripled. The casino was jammed, the black jack, the craps tables, people hooting and hollering over Roulette wins (omg roulette).

    6. I played after lunch at the Palazzo; mostly $50 tables, but I played at the $25. I promptly lost $650, still up a $1,000; walked upstairs, got the Mrs. and went to the Black Tap restaurant for dinner about 4:30pm. We waited in line about 30 minutes; had a fabulous dinner and walked out and heard it was a 2 hour wait for a table. This Venetian was jammed with people.

    7. After dinner, my wifey watched me lose another $600 at the Palazzo at the $25 table and she excused herself for the evening. I think she feels quite uncomfortable seeing me betting over $100-200 a dice throw.

    8. I went back to my $25 table after escorting the Mrs. up to the room. I told her don't wait up for me. I went back down; invested another $1,000(my winnings) lost it all on a "point-7" parade. I was playing with two dark side players and these phuckers were betting $500 on the don't pass ($100 on7/11) and would take $1,000 odds on the point. I changed tables.

    9. I went to this new $25 table and it was about 9pm and I promptly lost another $1,000; my original stake. I kinda looked up and I was the only player at the table on a Saturday night!!! That's how cold the table was. I left, wondering how I was going to tell the Mrs. I had lost all the winnings and another $1,000. I did the walk of shame to the ATM and pulled out another $1,000.($10 service fee)

    10. I went back to the other $25 table(such a dumb-phuck am I). I decided to play aggressively. I started playing the all small, tall and everything, at $15 a shooter. Then a miracle happened. A real shooter showed up. He used a V3 set; took his time, nice easy toss, and he made the tall in about 7 throws. He then rolled about 12 sixes and eights and 3 hard fours sandwiched. I started doubling the odds early after every win and this dude just had to hit a 12 for the ATAS jackpot and he rolls another 20 or so numbers when he finally throws a Seven. At the end of his throw, I had been making $25 come bets with max odds with $25 on every hard way number. The hard fours were making $275 for every hard way and about $180 a throw. I made about $3,500 on that throw, did two more shooters, point seven, and I went up to bed around 12:30am. The shooter told me that every time he comes to Vegas, he finally gets into a groove and he hits a monster Duke session and it just happened. I tipped him $25.

    11. I ended up about $1,100 ahead. I didn't play on Sunday. I wanted to declare victory. My Mrs. was not impressed. She said: "you should of quit when you're up $1,600." Such is life, I walked out with positive cash. Also got rated by the Palazzo as a medium stakes run of the mill player with 2,000 points. Meh.

    Lasting Impressions:

    1. Vegas is open; come on in and gamble. Get vaccinated first.
    2. Make dinner reservations the 1-2 days before. Same for show reservations.
    3. Vegas is overflowing with people; most from Los Angeles.
    4. The new Raider's stadium is beautiful.
    5. Saw a man with a "Dad's divorce club" t-shirt; the women next to him had: "the other woman club" t-shirt.
    6. All of the buffets and Cirque shows will be completely open in the next 30 days or so.
    7. You can see a good shooter from the get go; bet heavily.
    8. I'd rather be lucky than good.

    Have fun, book a trip; Vegas is still a lot of fun.

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    Rich little?
    Holy moly I remember seeing him at Sahara 40 years ago

    it was after his show on a Saturday night my wife had a once in a lifetime roll the first or second time she ever touched dice in a casino
    I didn't make much money as betting 5 dollar with 2 times odds was rich enough for me back then
    Can't believe rich little is still out there

    if she ever had a roll like that now I would probably make 20 grand
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    This is Barney

    The LID usually gets 35% tip in Vegas for long rolls at Venetian not a measly 0.7%
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    When in Vegas, does the LID stay at a Holiday Inn Express or at an underpass? [​IMG]
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    Harrah's used to be a Holiday Inn. Just South of the parking garage there's an easy entrance into the storm sewers. It's air conditioned. Much nicer than an underpass.
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    i just noticed....those tits are magnificent.....they deserve some sort of a prize...

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    He was grateful for the $25.
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