Two decent days for prop bets

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    I went to Tunica a week ago and lost very much . Yesterday much closer to home I started putting down$5 on the Sharp sooter bet three looses in a row I decide not to play in fact no one at a fairly full table played,so the Lady rolling made Seven points and very many hardways were made I only made $220 on her with my scared money. Next shooter I still do not bet the Sharpshooter and he hits 4 points. I now decide I will play it and it is hit by four more shooters including myself. Three of us hit three points and one guy hits five. THIS IS SOMETHING I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE BUT HOPE TO SEE AGAIN SOON. My story is not over but let me apologize if my skills at writing make this hard to read. Today at another casino I decide to play $5 fire bet on every shooter and zilch did have some dcent rolls by others not myself so I left up and went to play poker. On my way out I decide to hit the craps table with$6O that is all casino money but I only plat $1 the guy hits 5 points. I can not complain too much I color up $900 and leave.

    One more thing if your not tired of trying to read this yet ,that fire bet was $1 for and $1 for the dealers it got lost some how and I had to make them look at the vids before they paid me off and they still would not pay off the dealer bet I made.