Suggestions About Niagara Falls

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    Sep 19, 2014
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    Hey guys I'm thinking of making a trip to Niagara Falls around Valentine's. Can anybody give me some insight to the casinos up there how are the Canadian casinos? Hotels? Craps tables at the casino?
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    Used to go up there occasionally with the family, more so a quick drive get away sort of thing to be with the wife/kid, but of course I would wander into the casino once or twice in the evening while there.

    Tables were always 3,4,5x odds from what I remember. Two casinos on the Canadian side, one on the US. Since we always stayed right at the Falls on the Canadian side, played there exclusively.

    You'll likely get screwed on the exchange rate, regardless of how you work things, unless you get your funny-colored bills before leaving home. Depending on the exchange rate: if US $$ is higher - you get screwed buying in green and getting paid rainbow when you are finished. If Canadian $$ is higher, the exchange rate at the cage or table won't work to your advantage but to theirs.

    I would not travel to the Falls specifically to gamble, but it's a fun place to visit w/ a lot to do.

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    May 4, 2013
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    never exchange money in a casino.
    ever. they make a percentage on you both ways.

    last time I went to montreal, (last march), I stopped in a small shopping center on the us side, 30 minutes from the border, went to an exchange booth, where they charged something like 1%.
    Not like the 5 or whatever outrageous percentage the casino charges both ways.
    I changed over 1000 dollars, and had around 40 dollars left when we left.
    Purchased gasoline and a bag of chips on the Canadian side.

    as far as gaming, Ive been to Niagara falls Canadian side many, many times. My daughter went to school near buffalo.
    I found the casino action was just fine.
    Staff was good, people were polite. Hotel staff was excellent.