DI 's who need to step it up

Discussion in 'Dice Influencing' started by Dave G Ct, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Midnight I am glad you read my post correctly.
  2. twodicebilly, Nov 5, 2016


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    For the record I did not suggest TDV changed his name, I was suggesting there is
    always one like him on every site.... and there is...

    Also for the record I was not asked to leave WOZ.... I got a few days because I called
    a guy a jerk because he indicated I made up the 180 or 200 rolls I gave him that he
    had asked me to give him... I don't feel bad about that.

    Ofcourse TDV wants DI off the board.....let me ask you a question is you had a neighbor
    and every time you met him on yard he pissed and moaned about something on
    your property.... now it would not really bother you a lot,,,, but sooner or later you would
    just quick meeting him on the yard.

    That is what TDV and others do on these types of Boards..
    I know you understand there are some really good craps players all of us know... you
    no longer see them on any board.... why???? because of people like TDV.

    Now you can defend the guy if you want...you can think we are all stupid for the
    concern with him.. but the effect will still be the same... there is no possibilities of
    anything to do with craps will ever come out of his mouth, because he does not know

    Even if you don't agree that dice influencing or control are possible... which is your right
    as well as everyone elses's..... there are still some very good ideas on how to play the
    game that come from these people because they really take it seriously...these are not
    bubby craps guys that sit there and play $1 on the 6 & 8.

    So take which ever side you want... that will also decide in the end what kind of forum
    you have and what type of ideas are available to new players.

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    I can't really find anything to take exception to here. If you are experiencing success with how you approach the game, using what ever method you choose to validate your skill, then so be it!

    I do think someone that did have those skills, could better exploit it with a bit more analysis though.
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    Forums like this are designed for discussion about the game of craps! Those discussions often involve differing opinions.

    That is the nature of the beast, you can participate in those discussions, and accept that not everyone will agree with you, or you can attack everyone that disagrees with you....your choice!

    You seem to want to attack anyone that expresses a different opinion, or doubt, to what you proffer here.

    When you post something here, you are offering it to the "world"......there are approx. 8,000,000,000 different realities in the "world"....and you can bet that your reality is not always going to align with all of the other ones.

    And you can also bet that your reality is not always going to be the agreed upon one!

    Relax, have some fun, enjoy the "differences". We all might learn something from one another!
  5. Dave G Ct, Nov 5, 2016

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    It is more fun to get along than to be in constant warfare.TD & others do not wish DI to be removed- they enjoy the subject.
  6. TDVegas, Nov 5, 2016


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    Nope. You are wrong. I've never expressed any words that I want anyone off the board. More delusion. The more people the better.
    the ONLY person here pissing and moaning is you.
    Yes..here it's called the IGNORE button. Use it!!
    "Really good craps players"?...it's not a skill based game. Knowing house edge, win payouts, betting to bankroll and win goals is a "really knowledgable craps player". We have MANY here. I have tried to offer up some well thought out critiques of why I think DI is a bit of a farce. You are absolutely free to practice and preach all you want about DI, though. I take no offense for opposing arguments/debates. if people have fun with DI...wonderful. I'll continue to argue my point On the efficacy.
    I'll put my craps knowledge up against yours any day of the week. Who do you think you are?...King Billy III of the craps table? I can at least turn an 8.4 SRR into a private island.
    Laughable statement. The 6-8 place is a fine play. Next to come bets...can't find a lower HA. I'll put my 3 point Molly strategy up against any strategy you offer as "sound play"...I say my strategic play offers a lower house edge than what your strategy offers. Plus...we have many "serious" players here who play the bubble. All more knowledable than you. You try and toss out backhanded insults over bubble craps...doesn't bother me one iota. Just don't whine when insults come back.

    You've got a self proclaimed 8.4 SRR....with no fucking clue how to make millions with it...and you have the nerve to suggest to others that you have good ideas, knowledge and acumen in craps ?? LOL. Where am I? Mars?
    YOU don't get to determine the direction or ideas on the board. Each member contributes how he sees fit. You no like? Too bad.

    The CORE bottom line with this individual tdb. He is constantly upset by my postings. OK. He feels I don't contribute anything worthwhile. OK. He can't stop including me in his postings....YET, YET he has 100% CONTROL to rid me from his view using the ignore feature. Does he use it? No. He continues to whine about something he is in COMPLETE CONTROL OF. He can self 86 me from the forum. He can also "mentally ignore" my posts. Skip them. Don't read them. Don't respond to them.

    He won't. He can't. Weak.
    I know Tomp and others have tried to get thru to him on this aspect.
    Apparently getting thru to him is like drilling thru limestone. Que sera.

    I've also said if tdb leaves my name out of his posts and rants..there is a very good chance I will not respond to anything he posts nor refer to him in my posts. He can't do that.

    Now...casino time. On the bubble.
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  7. James Hall, Nov 5, 2016

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    Gargoil I don't know you but I read your posts and it sounds to me like you are working with something that works for you
    This forum is totally polarized
    there are the people who accept that random is the best they can expect while waiting and hoping
    for luck or variance to show up and allow them to win some money

    then the other side of this we have the people who believe they can do more than wait and hope
    those are the people who endeavor to make it happen by trying to cause results

    there is a deep divide
    I have read your posts and it seems to me you might fall in that second group
    if so keep doing what you are doing , it sounds to me like it is working for you
    keep working it
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