City of Chicago Casino RFP

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    In 2020, the state of Illinois awarded the City of Chicago the right have a "downtown" casino. Several previous mayoral administrations had failed in their attempts to gain approval for a casino, so this is a big win for Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her team. Up to 4,000 gaming positions have been authorized by the state assembly, to be split between the downtown location and, if awarded, slots at O'Hare and Midway airports.

    The City of Chicago wants a casino up and running by 2025. More than likely this means a temporary facility will initially be used to house the casino while the permanent facility is under development.

    RFP-04.22.21.pdf (

    I'm very interested in this RFP, not just because I live in Chicagoland and have been to a few casinos over the years. For 20+ years, I worked on RFPs issued by various federal and state agencies. Sometimes I miss that line of work. BTW, this RFP document is quite unusual in that it is very colorful and includes many pretty pictures, in addition to the usual government RFP provisions featuring often onerous terms and conditions. Usually it's plain old black & white with a bunch of tables/appendices, many other standalone PDFs, and a handful of key documents incorporated by reference.

    Happy reading, if you're interested.