Caesars Palace introduces new games for millennials

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    15,204 is factual data. Casinos are raising their slot holds. Have been for years. The Strip is actually worse than off strip. If you ask CEO Murren...he will tell you MGM is doing great. New venues, new projects.

    If slot income is's simply based on less players and taking more from them. Where the tipping point is I do not know. When these kids are dumping $1,500 on a bottle of Grey Goose...I'm not sure the casino cares about a few less playing slots.

    There is a change.

    A good gamble is no longer a priority for casinos.
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    theres already a giant racino in queens, aqueduct, which has a new subway stop/station with a walkway into the casino. no need to go outdoors.
    they have an entire floor empty waiting for table games.
    My belief is, and the governor knows also, once they allow table games in queens NY, somewhere I doubt Ill ever play since I don't think there will be anything but 25 mins and up, it will kill any upstate casinos, or at least put a big kibosh to all the downstate revenue the casinos upstate count on.
    not to mention one casino with table games will take away what, 5% of atlantic citys dwindling gambling revenues. 2 casinos up here in NYC area would probably put a big hurt on other casinos within 2 hours, like philly, Allentown.
    people want to play blackjack and other table games, living in NY we don't have a choice, we must travel 2-2,5 hours.
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    Flyover below the tundra
    My two Millennial sons both go to the casino's. One travels to AZ and drives to Laughlin or Vegas He plays slots everywhere he go's but if after $20-$30.00 he has nothing to show for it he quits. Hits his limit. He had tried Poker, BlackJack and craps and learned lessons there too. He works hard for his money and it has value. He hits a occasional casino in the midwest but limits his losses. He agrees with me the vegas slots flat suc. I played all over Vegas on last trip and almost never saw a bonus or other features I know I would see here. They have the features shut off.

    Now his older brother like to play Blackjack and has had some very good sessions which is what he did until he lost his ass a couple times. He and his wife both play machines but they only have patience to see some positive results at around $50.00.

    I see payouts here are fewer and smaller. No longer expect to see $200-$400 hits.Just lucky to see $100. Mostly are $10-$30 hits then nothing. rare exception.
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    Casinos are very happy to sell lots of bottles of Grey Goose at ridiculously high prices. There is very limited downside -- a known fixed cost per unit. But Wall Street still looks more closely at table drop & AGR, slot handle & AGR, # and types of table games, # & types of slot machines, etc., even as casinos attempt to significantly increase their non-gaming revenues.
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    You know, once the public figures out the odds and see their money disappear, the results will be less casino play. So it appears to be. What I can't figure out is when are these gang bangers gonna figure out $1500 for a bottle of vodka is a bigger ripoff?
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    "In the beginning the Earth cooled, and then the dinosaurs came," but I think we can fast forward to, let's say, the beginnings of modern day Las Vegas. Mechanical slots: what you saw was what you got, no black box. A limited number of table games: Big Wheel, Roulette, Craps, and of course Blackjack -- yeah, I probably missed some, even some that are still around -- but the point is gambling life was a lot simpler back then, and the well-"booked" gambler knew what he/she was up against on all of the offerings.
    Fast further forward to today and IMHO the sheer variety of games, both electronic and live dealer, can overwhelm neophytes, and even veterans should they venture out of their comfort zone. Kick the house advantage up a notch (like "they" did with Blackjack) and the bang:buck ratio plummets. Fleece a customer for a C-note in five minutes and I contend you've lost a potential customer. Even carneys know to let a customer win a little in the beginning to "set the hook".

    Another disincentive is the tightening of comps. According to my parents casinos all but gave away just about everything in their day; all you had to do was ask, and after a modicum of action you didn't even have to do that. Around ten years ago I was getting to my local haunt about twice a month with a bankroll of $1500. Some times I won, sometimes I lost, but overall I was eking out a very small (three-digit) annual profit...and was still assigned a casino host! A number of factors decreased the frequency of my visits, and after a 3½-year absence I could not get so much as a partial comp to the all-you-can-eat buffet, which BTW had gone up almost 60% in price, after four hours of playing an average spread of $50. A bit of a SWAG, that, but you get the idea: the screw is definitely tighter now than even a mere decade ago.

    I'm not surprised millennials are not as enthusiastic about gambling as we antiques were/are.
    That reminds me of a couple more reasons. There is a lot more literature on casino games available today, both in real and virtual stores, not to mention all the blogs and forums. Knowledge is power.

    And then there are the various alleged methods for advantage play. Initially the likes of Ken Uston, Doug Grant, and Edward O. Thorpe generated interest by showing that players actually could gain an advantage over the house. Same thing with Roulette, where casinos are calling NMB (No More Bets) before even releasing the ball, and casino equipment manufacturers have upgraded their wheels to counter Visual Ballistics. Craps has also seen some changes, IMHO due in no small part to DI despite the absence of anything other than anecdotal evidence that an advantage is achievable. Who'd a-thunk the house would read the same material and not just shrug it off?!
    I reluctantly have come to the same conclusion. (See comments on my last casino visit above.) I'd still make the 5½-hour round trip (driving) if time and bankroll permitted, but only if neither I nor my wife could think of anything interesting for me/us to do. IOW while it's not a last resort, it definitely is a low priority activity.
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    This generation is so different then ours. They think nothing of flying across the Country to see a Sporting Event. Airfare, overnight stay for a weekend, food etc.

    Quick story a few years ago at Foxwoods Casino I went with my nephew for a friend of his bachelor party, there was about 10 guys went to a nice restaurant bill had to be close to $800.00-$900.00 dollars instead of splitting the check. What they do is this, each guy except the guy getting married put a credit card into a hat whosoever card is pulled out he pays the bill. I paid my share and did not participate, They would rather pay their credit card bill later then pay as you go.
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    When you think that there is no way to overcome The house edge what do you expect?

    Those kind of players are beat before they even start. I Don't see why even play the game and if you asked me I would say they spend to much time on the boards and not enough time trying to figure out ways to beat the game.
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    Liman, this link might interest your wife, if not you:

    Rainbow Club Henderson has highest payouts (almost 93%), as of Aug. 2016. Besides, their restaurant is unmatched for good affordable food. (I've touted them before.)
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