BlackJack Tournament Strategies?

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    Aug 21, 2015
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    A friend and I are going to be entering a $45,000 BJ tournament because we each have 5 $50 coupons for their tournament, with a $10 registration fee that goes into the dealer tip pool.

    Up to 540 players will be in the tournament, the first and second rounds will be played this Saturday and the finals will take place on Sunday.

    Either 5-6 players per table, 20 chips per person, 16 hands in the first and second rounds. Top 2 players advance. Final round has 21 hands, still 20 chips per player at the start of the round. Chips don't roll over to the next round.

    Prize structure as follows:

    1: $5,000
    2: $4,000
    3: $3,000
    4: $2,000
    5: $1,000
    Lots of players get $750, more get $500, etc. I'm unsure as to how many will receive the lesser amounts, as I was told it depends on the amount of initial players.

    I also don't know how many shoes will be used at the BJ tables.

    Any and all tips or advice are welcome!