" A Total Bust"

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    Guess what I am talking about? I will tell you.- Dice Influence Classes improving one's play! Controlled Dice shooters - Where the hell are they? I do not see them.Scarce as hen's teeth.Dice Classes have been going on for what - 15-20 years? Who have they helped?
    First of all 50% of students do not posses the skills needed in DI to be successful.So even if 10% developed these skills year after year wouldn' t you expect to see some of these" shooting stars" lighting up a table? But you don't .
    . So where are they? How about - took the class mostly for the camaraderie and never put in the practice to improve.Then again how much can you learn in a weekend? That is in expensive weekend.I should be glad- out of right- out of mind.No real attention from the casinos on this movement.
    But it does make for great stories - hyping people up- easy money.But the beat goes on doesn't it.Well I donot need them .However like SR I would gladly help anybody free of charge.Money Management and smart betting are paramount.
    During my streak I have encountered ZERO DI ' ers.I do know of 3 who do play.Oh maybe they descend during the wee hours of the morning.You have a better chance of seeing Lock Nest Monster coming out of the casino's s fountain.
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