Win Goal vs. Loss Limit

Discussion in 'Beginner Zone' started by Grizzoola, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Thanks Morgue. I can see that but most who can set a loss limit probably have the necessary discipline too. Sometimes I see players who I sense feel somewhat 'small' ( for lack of a better term) at the lesser buy in, or feel uncomfortable high tailing it out of there with their tail between their legs. Was hoping there was/is more to it.

    Regarding the original question, i would say the win/loss ratio is proportionate to other factors as well such as time at the table, frequency of craps visits, proximity and distance travelled to casino etc....factor all that in and it's horses for courses I guess. If you are a once a week player, then i would aim for a 2:1 ratio, where as a player 3-4 times a week or more should be satisfied with a 4:1 ratio. If $50 is too small of a win, i would look to increase the BR and size of bets rather than try and improve the ratio.
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    I've done it both ways and do prefer to walk away with some chips left. Yes, it is psychological. One thing may be that I like to have more chips at my disposal if I choose to stay in. IOW, it gives me a choice.

    Another side of it is that I base the amount I have on the table as a % of my BR. More BR, bigger bets, etc. I just think many players prefer big BRs & bigger bets, w/ bigger potential losses. The excitement part.

    I don't think there's a right or wrong in this, only that a player is aware of what he/she expects out of a certain BR. Small BR, smaller wins/losses. Big BR, bigger wins/losses.
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    For me, it is a matter of having the discipline to leave when you reach the 50% loss. It's harder to do at this point because you still have funds with which to play.

    On top of this and possibly more importantly, it sucks to go home broke. I never play with $$ I can not afford to lose, but even so, I will take some home with me.