Wild Horse Casino

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    Flyover below the tundra
    While in Arizona this month I managed one quick trip to the Casino. Actually my goal was keeping my bride from spending too much time there.
    While there the tables were calling. There were 4 and two were occupied about 60% full. Both $10.00 which requires a hefty bankroll unless you are like me and short play.
    Placed the 6 & 8 one unit with a pass line bet and tossed the 7. Let it ride and tossed a 9. As usual I throw a half a dozen numbers except my point until ol 7 shows again out again. Moved to the dark side and lost two more times and called it quits. All in bout 10 minutes. Fast and furious craps is.
    Nice Casino. No maks and none smoking makes it a pleasant trip on the Gila Reservation. All in all they got a couple hundred from me. Cheap entertainment.
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