What do you like set your dice to?

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    This is $nakeyes$,

    What's going on?

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    Let me also clarify....because when I have said it has to be one of these 3 things....someone had retorted that they "beat the game yesterday"....not utilizing any of those 3.

    That's not really what I'm talking about. That's winning. Beating the game or overcoming house edge thru some systematic play or system is different than "winning today" or "beating the game today".

    If that's all it took to say "I beat the game".....then I beat the game today. I won.

    When I had first stated that no one is beating the game...long, long ago, I was met with "what the hell are you talking about...I beat the game today".

    It was then that I realized people approach "beating the game" based on 2 different ideas. One is actually overcoming house edge thru the 3 noted above methods and the other is....simply winning a session. The latter is or can be achieved by something other than the 3 methods. Luck. Variance.
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