Truckers and Tax Cuts

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    Kevin Brady chairs the house ways and means committee and is NOT providing the information we... the middle class needs to know to "feel good" about this tax cut. They keep talking the standard deduction increases yet they will be taking away itemized deductions. He is getting push back on this one thing.
    Tax rate bracketing will help it it were to start at income levels where those just scraping by on $60-70 thousand a year gets their rates reduced. The next bump would need to be above $190000 as this is the majority of the middle class. Many below $50000 pay very little taxes today and it will not change their rate but their standard deduction will change giving them a break.
    Today Trump will make a great speech supporting the trucking industry and will include infrastructure spending & somehow tying the two together. At least the trucking industry will get much needed recognition and relief from insane regulations. This is long in coming. Something the last administration only worsened with their EPA regs as well as keeping the little guy from starting their own companies. My Brother-in-law tried for 6 years to start his own company and was regulated away from it. Truckers, especially the Teamsters should be in full support.
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