Trip Report: Ocean Downs / Ocean City Md.

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    12 Ft Bouncy Table located near Ocean City Md.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed:

    I have a friend that is out of town and I have been checking on her house. Tonight I went by and things looked fine, fed the cats and out the door. With my local casino being only 20 minuets away I said why not.

    Got to the crap table and a roll was going and it looked to be going well. I waited until the point was made and bought in for 300, placed a 5 on the pass line and the CO point was 9, P the 6 % 8 for 12 each, put 20 in odds behind PLB and off we went.
    When Shooter 7 Out: Up 140

    While the roll was going on I noticed that I knew the man standing to my left, { above average shooter } I ask hows the table was, while looking at his rail filled with green, he said just starting to heat up the guy in the corner hit the ATS his last time out.
    I looked at the shooter he was talking about and he was lets say under the weather.

    Next shooter: CO 8 - I had 5 on the line and placed the 6 for 6. First roll 8, I look down, no odds win 5. Next CO 3 lost PLB , Next CO 12 lost PLB next CO 5 next rol 7O.

    Next Shooter: Seemed to be a great out going man.
    What got my attention about him was that a lot of people around the table were loading up on the ATS,I said why not, put my usual 212 up, 5 on the line and off we went. CO roll 3, I said to my self here we go again. I dropped 4 on the horn, Next roll 12, I pressed up to 8, next roll 11, I pressed to 16, next roll 11, I collected, Next roll made a CO point, don't remember what it was but what I do remember was this shooter's demeanor changed, he went from a jolly, out going man into a more serious mode. He started setting the dice and hitting the same spot on my end of the table. I had a hand full of chips from my horn winnings and said to myself I'll give you a try. I P the 6 & 8 for 24 and put 20 in odds behind the line. Next roll he hit the point and from there on I don't remember much. Between pressing and regressing and playing the hard ways I was busy, what I do remember was he hit the T and many points and a lot of numbers. When He 7O I colored up for 1057.00 and back home in 15 minuets.
    By helping a friend in need I was indeed rewarded.
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    Great night!
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    Don't short yourself on this one, sure, helping your friend out just gave you a reason to be out of the house.
    Sounds to me like the table tried to kick you in the groin right out of the gate, but you used your available tools to get the upper hand.
    Nice work, good job!
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