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    I don't believe that method of spinning the dice in that type of caliper, with a loose fit, is adequate in testing for true balance.

    A true balance test would involve locking the dice in a rotating caliper, and electronically checking the balance....much the same as modern tire balancing.
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    For one that claims to be reasonably Intelligent, your posts fail to show it!

    A typical Casino Die Weighs in at about 8.5 Grams.

    A typical Car Tire Weighs in at about 25 Pounds, or 454 * 25 or
    11,350 Grams. This equates to a weight difference factor of 11,350 / 8.5 or 1,335 to 1.

    This weight factor differential, for the reasonably intelligent, spells out the need for a different type of balancer than the Car Tire Type, that you suggest, for a multitude of reasons.

    Take AHigh, who devised a cage clamping system, etc. to capture a Die & subsequently attempt to balance it, by spinning the assembly on centers.

    The AHigh Die Balancer Failed, as the inherent Friction in the Device & its inability to center the Die's weight in the device, essentially prevented one from detecting unbalance in a Die, period.

    In reality the Dice Balancing Caliper does an excellent Job of Minimizing friction, & as only the Die's weight is born on the two curved surface of the Caliper, & on two of the flat edges of the Die, which is intended to be a perfect cube.

    Thus only those unable to visualize the reality of Balancing a Casino Die, will continue to Deny the efficiency of the currently available Dice Balancing Caliper.

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