The truth about gambling addicts

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    I am beginning to see that a Gambling Addict is someone who believes they will win, because in their mind 'it is due' and that eventually they will win. People who play Video Poker fall in to this category, and start expecting a Royal Flush when a particular coin-though has been made or length of time played. When it does not happen, then things get really stringy.

    Addicted Gamblers look at the money they lost as 'an investment', where if a Video Poker player has lost several hundred (thousands) to the game over a period of months, they simply won't quit because they see all the money lost as 'invested money' and they just have to continue to play to get it back. This sort of attitude can lead a person go to 'on tilt and chase losses' where they play even more frequent and raid savings accounts, borrow money, start selling things, engage in petty theft and other crimes to just scrap up money to feed to the video poker machines.

    I really think you have to stop and look at yourself from time to time, when you are playing daily or frequent enough to be considered a gambler. I think you really have to ask yourself:
    Is my play based on luck or skill?
    Is my play within a money management system?
    Is my play low or high volatility?
    Am I betting little to win lots or betting lots to win little?