The 'generous' Casino with the 3X-4X-5X Odds

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    Competition to find any Craps Players with bankroll today... is like finding a rare bird in your yard. Only the Newbie Craps Player's mind should be blank and not understand how to beat Craps. The majority of Craps Players were taught the 'ins and outs' of Craps by someone who may know and understand less than the Newbie Player. The Dumb and Dumber School of Craps. You get what you pay for in that example.

    Classes in Craps of the basic game plan, can be found FREE at many Casinos. The Basics. They avoid discussing how easy it is to lose and how difficult it is to win. Even then, a small percentage of the information soaks into the memory. Many gawkers watching a Craps game in progress make no sense of all the chips flying around and table staff moving them around like General Patton moving tanks in Germany during WW2. They are dumbstruck and leave with glazed eyes.

    Craps has no limit of game strategies, Systems or betting strategies. I am sure with enough pages in a book everything about Craps could be included... but even the brightest among us, certainly not myself as I know my limitations, get stuck with a loaded question from a true expert.

    If you want to shoot... you have to play the Pass Line. Just how it works. If you are depressed, play the Don't Pass and still get your butt kicked. It is close to 49% to 49% equal butt kicking on the Pass or Don't Pass Line wager. If one or the other side is winning, one or the other side is losing. Fair and square I say.

    A 2X table is defeated by Placing Wagers. $5: 4X (4 & 10), $5: 4X (5 & 9), $6: 5X (6 & 8) The sign of a smarter than average Craps Player.

    A 10X table is the best around. Most are playing 4X to 6X Odds at best. If you are winning... 10X. This is 'correct odds' for the difficulty of the number that is point. If you do not understand, there are plenty on this Forum that will give you an injection of smart into your dumb ass.

    A 100X table... this is to get you in the door and is rare to find. Usually a gimmick to get you to drive the extra fifty miles in Nevada to find this mystical table looking for 18 Wheeler Craps Players with plenty of 'fuel cash' in their wallets. Fresh for the taking.

    Club Fortune in Henderson, NV has a $1 table and I believe it is 10X odds. Oh boy... you would think the real Craps Players would be busting the doors down... but not yet. These guys are on the Strip dressed up like they have more money than brain cells. You know... Show and Tell Pony Show players.

    If you do not know the Craps Basics and the 'ins and outs' you sure do not need to practice Dice Setting or Dice Influencing as you have no business even being at a Craps Table. You have no chance. The dealers know a 'rube' when they buy in and begin to make wagers. Sometimes, and I can say OFTEN, the worst bets on a Craps Table produce the biggest winners. You will hear that on this Forum and occasionally watch this happen on a table during a live game. When one end of a Craps Table hits one of these long shots with big money on it... they want everyone to know... we kicked ass tonight!

    This Forum has some Players that know what they are doing. We also have lots of hustlers and good story tellers that read about something and put I or Me where someone else's name was originally. Of course, I am just making this up out of listening or reading pure nonsense... as it is impossible. These story tellers have no System, no Strategy... no money of their own, but yours to take... and are basically, well not basically, but full of Cow Feces deluxe.

    Most of these Big Winners... cannot even keep their stories, straight. It is confusing when you have to make up a good story when the wife asks... 'Sweetheart... where is your motorcycle?' Uhh....

    Add your comments if you like and can stand the heat. I do it all the time and catch a few barbs in the process. When your skin gets thick and the dice get worn... you can then make this stuff up at will and nobody knows if the toilet seat should be up or down...

    Just in case I missed insulting anyone, please make a post and admit you are guilty of whatever you might have believed you did at a Craps Table. If it was winning... we all know you are making this up. If LID does not admit to doing something in the last hour that is disgusting... he is also making it up. ... and where is your motorcycle?
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    LID happens to be a stand up citizen as you can see here, donating his vital fluids for a little bankroll fundraiser: