The case against negative progressions

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    First I am not saying negative progressions while playing the don't are all bad.Yes you can win but why put yourself at that risk.Let me explain I will bet the don't if the table is trending cold.I can see an increase in your betting as you continue to win.If I suffer 2 consecutive losses I shut it down.Why fight a trend ?
    But why fight a trend? Why put your money at risk if you start losing? For example let us go back to that I'll fated Darksider' s Ball hyped at nauseum by a " Mathski" who discounts the importance of trends.Yes that every roll is independent so let's s keep banging our heads against the wall kind of thinking.So they start to lose.Since this was a group endeavor nobody wants to be the first to show second thoughts and the losing continues.A player who recognized an opposing trend would shut this lunacy down.But hey let the math prevail! You cannot make this stuff up.How do we know all this? Well he was " dimed in" by one of the group.This SRT_ the gift that keeps on