Take... Pay... Place: Craps End Dealer's Game

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    Take the Losing Wagers.

    Pay the Winning Wagers.

    Place any new Wagers for the Player.

    Craps Action for the Dealers is routine and never varies. Take, Pay, Place.

    They are only concerned if the Wager is correct, proper or allowed. Take the losing wagers. Pay the winning wagers and Place new wagers or pressing or moving wagers or removing wagers off the table at the request of the Player.

    A 'Late Bet' after the Dice are being Moved can be called NO BET and returned, or Accepted. A player making a late wager once the Dice are Moving... will be chastised in nice terms not to make late wagers. A second time, may be embarrassing to the Player.

    The Dealer works for the Casino. Improper or Late Player wagers, stop the game until corrected.

    It is the Stickman and the Boxman that supervise the End Dealers who are handling the Table's Bank for Payouts, Making Change and Placing Proper Wagers. All routine and the Pit Boss overseas that the Craps Table Staff are on top of their game.

    Players... have a direct interest in their wagers. If not paid... they stop the game and point out the error of the Stickman on Center Table Wagers or the End Dealer on End Table Wagers.

    If a Player is Shorted a Payout... POINT at the payout. Do not touch or move it. The Boxman will OK or Confirm the Payout.

    If a Player is Not Paid on a Center Table Wager... BEFORE the Stickman moves the Dice, the Player loudly announces that "what the issue may be" to the Stickman and the Boxman, if at the table. Busy tables get a Boxman to help.

    Cheats exist. The Camera catches them. The Dealer catches them. When the Dice are Pushed to the Shooter... ALL Player's Hands have to be on the Rail. The Stickman watches the dice being picked out of the Five Dice and the TWO handled by the Shooter with ONE hand, shoots and the Stickman Calls the outcome.

    If the Stickman cannot see one or both dice top sides... the End Dealer Calls the Outcome.

    Players are not to be coached what to wager. But, are told when they are making an improper wager and the dice go to center table, and not moved until the action is settled.

    A Craps Forum member on another Thread, said Dealers are not 'important'... in better terms used by myself. Then... pick up your chips, leave the table and cash out. They deal with all kinds every day. Take, Pay and Place.

    Sore Losers are the first to criticize the Craps Dealers and the Dice Outcomes. If you win or lose, thank the Dealers and back off the table. Being an Ass certifies you as a Loser to the entire Staff and Players. Buzz off.
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