table vs. the bubble

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  1. von duck, Aug 21, 2017

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    That's because the dice are very large, and have rounded corners. This fact makes the hardways "seem" more scarce. TDVegas. Just kidding, I have some first hand data, I'll let you know what it tells us, soon as I get a chance.:) :cool:.

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    May 4, 2013
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    weve all been at tables where hardways come in every 4th roll, or seemed so, and other tables where we are dropping a white or red on some hardway, and it NEVER comes in, over the course of 3 days of play.

    Im willing to bet that outcomes on the bubble mirror the outcomes on live tables. Streaks, lots of seven outs, rare long rolls, happens same amount of times at table or bubble.

    knowing this, I still feel, no, I know for a fact, overall, Ive done better on the bubbles than live tables.
    but then again, Ive played mostly bubbles the past 4 years, so maybe I was just having a lot of shitty luck the times I was at live tables.