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    I copied this from another forum...thought it was interesting

    The Hellfire missile that killed Suleimani did not have an explosive warhead on it. It slices and dices instead. [​IMG]
    From and email I got:
    "It starts with Suleimani in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, at that moment working with the Hezbollah in preparation for an attack on Israel. He was on the phone with leaders of the IRGC's Shia militia force in Iraq, known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ordering and coordinating the attack on the American Embassy. Next day, he got on an Iranian plane and flew from Beirut to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) where he was met planeside in the air cargo area apron by a van carrying PMF chief Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and four of his leaders, all of whom were involved with the attack on the Embassy. Apparently, Suleimani wanted to meet them in order to plan and direct the next phase of attacks against American targets in Iraq.

    Abu Mahdi greeted Suleimani and they got into the van... Just then a missile, launched from a drone high overhead impacted the top of the van. There was no explosion but everyone and everything in the van was sliced to ribbons by blades emanating from the missile body. This was so effective that observers on scene said none of the bodies of the van's occupants could be identified individually. However, Suleimani was identified by his severed right hand, which still had his distinctive large ring on the finger.

    So there you have it... "The Flying Ginsu", also known as the CIA's AGM-114R9X variant of the drone - launched Hellfire Missile at it again!"

    A description from Popular Mechanics



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