Scarne on Dice: The most printed and sold Craps Authority

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    Scarne on Dice by John Scarne and Clayton Rawson

    If you drop Clayton Rawson as an author, 87 volumes of various printings and printers show up. The Military Service are my favorite printings and some day will be buried with me when I have eternity to follow up on all of the details! No. I am not sharing either of these titles with you. Get your own.

    The intent was to make these books available to GI's during WW2. Printed by the Military Service Publishing Co. January 1945 First Edition and revised in 1945 twice and the Second Revised Edition in July 1946.

    Currently 29 copies on from $7 to $110. If you are a Fool and a High Roller, pay the $110 price tag for the same book, also available for $7.

    There is a 1952 edition for $8, which I was not aware existing, but could be a reprint on the 1946. My July 1946 edition has 434 pages.

    Shakespeare: "He won it of me with false dice".

    The only Dice Influencing or Dice Bias is under: 'Load- A weight placed within a die.' Misshaped dice and other slight of hand dice are covered very well.

    This book IS the authority, for me, on Craps. It should be for YOU, as well.

    Scarne's New Complete Guide to Gambling is next covering most forms of gambling to 1961 and revised in 1974.

    IF you have neither of these two OLD yet inexpensive books... this is the foundation to anyone wanting to be a knowledgable Craps Player.

    Craps Cheats no doubt litter the Mohave Desert of Nevada and the Speakeasy's of Chicago. Dice Influencers have always been around. Just more to be found today once Corporations became friendly and use the laws of their State to put those players that want to 'influence a pair of dice' more than one ought... above ground punishment.
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