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    That is part of what I mean by the metaphysical. Was at the casino last night and a shooter was setting the dice in the pairs position, setting them quickly and attempting precision throws. I find in most cases these shooters don't do any better than the majority of shooters but once in a while, they can hit some numbers before sevening out, and when they do, they usually hit the same numbers a few times. This is bad for the don't shooter, so I don't bet against them. If you have played this game enough, you can look at some shooters and get the feeling that they are going to do good or bad. Yeah I know, the grinch is saying "bah, humbug!"
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    Try pass/come after snappers.
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    I bet something similar to first get the feel of the table and the rollers. I wait for new roller, after he scores a point, no matter what point, I bet 6 on 6 and 8, so $12. If a 6 or 8 hit, I take down my bets. I then wait for new roller. I repeat. If a roller 7's out before a 6 or 8, I start over. This keeps me pretty even. My back roll goes up and down. Sometimes, I just wait for my bank roll to be up, then I quit for a while, then start again later.

    However, once I know the rollers a bit, the ones that hit 68 before 7's a lot, then I do the same strategy, but if a player 7's out before rolling a 6 or 8, then I next bet $18 on both 6 and 8. If I win, I take down my bets, wait for new roller and start over at $12. If I lose the second time, then I bet one more time on the new roller, betting $48 on both 6 and 8. If I lose that, then depending where my bank roll is, I stop, or I wait to see a roller 6 or 8 before a 7, then I start over.

    The risk going all three times of losing with this strategy is $144.

    I have another strategy I am working on. Play 6, 8, and 10, or 4, depending on how I feel or the roller. So I play 3 numbers. Same betting strategy, but bets go up like so, $5, $6, $6 -- first number is the 4, second 6, third 8, so $5 on 4, and $6 on 6 and 8. After a loss, wait for new roller, then bet $20, $24, $24, then after a loss bet $70, $84, $84.

    Another strategy is sort of like the cross. Bet after the point, on 6, 8, and field. This covers all numbers but 5 and 7. After a win, take down all bets and wait for new roller to set a point, then repeat. You can also do the same betting up after a loss up to the third loss. The bets are the same as the other 3 number betting strategy.
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    I like this stratagy, though the fear of losing 144 in three rolls ( which does happen now and then) is not for me. I like the grind and least possible risk.
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    I record my rolls. I have an average of 10,4. I do use various dice sets. My biggest problem which I started doing right now is stop betting on other people. i never get hassled because I tip the dealers and I am very friendly. Practice helps a little, but it is like pitching. Consistency and touch.