RDI: The ridiculous art of "Reverse Dice Influence"

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    1st video - hard to see whole shot, very small video of landing area - dice failed to consistently land in this area. some throws seems to be angled too low for the bounce on that table. hit pile of chips more than once. I consider this random.

    2nd video - warn out practice table - -boring commentary - too slow of a talker to watch - but seems to have some levels of influence.

    3rd video - slow motion shows the dice spinning all over the place - not influential

    4th video - nice shooter - good tosses - levels of influence

    5th video - discredited Nike shoe box

    Will check out Aaron's video deferentially an interesting set-up

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    May 19, 2014
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    The guy in clips one and three has this note posted below each show:
    “I wanted to see what it would look like if I compared tossing dice at different frame rates: 29 fps, 60 fps and 120 fps. I did not set the dice. I just tossed them in a box to see what it would look like. I found that the faster the frame rate the more lighting I needed. I used a Nikon CoolPix s8200 camera. I found that I need lighting shooting at 120fps. LED lighting works good.”
    It sounds more like an experiment in lighting and film speed than anything else. Certainly does not seem to be an experiment in shooting dice.
    It looks like the guy in the second clip is trying to hit a stack of chips with dice. If his intention is to show dice outcomes he ought to learn how to aim the camera. But he did a good job recording and hitting chips.
    The guy in the forth and fifth video is actually throwing forward rolling dice with an over hand grip. That is awesome dexterity!.
    John Patrick?? Good grief!
    I can't stand to watch more without wondering how these videos are supposed to help me play craps in someway? Frankly, I think I would rather sit through a root canal or take up a different game than to see more posts like this one.
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    If you know what you are doing, in theory, then no videos of wannabees are necessary. But Rick is protective of his turf. So he posts links. Lots of links. Everywhere. 50/50 nailed it, please, no more videos!
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