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    My local cable provider is Spectrum. We pay $170 a month for 3 TV boxes, our computer hookups, a few hundred cable stations which include HBO. When I turn the TV on now, I automatically get channel 1, which is a 24/7 Spectrum news highlights and weather on the "ones". I like this a lot since the Weather Channel (aka the Climate Change Channel) stopped their 'local on the eights' a year ago. I think that their ratings are in the ditch now and I am pleased about that. They have become very political and blame climate control on everything happening on God's green Earth. I just want to hear about the damn weather and I no longer can get that on the eights.

    Today, Spectrum is featuring coverage of the Pride Parade in Cincinnati this weekend. My first thought was that old white men should have a parade because the Gay community seems to have more rights today than I do. But, as I watched highlights of the parade, I saw nothing but happy, enthusiastic, fun loving guys and gals having a fantastic time in their parade. I saw no anti-anything or anybody banners. Everybody was getting along, just having fun with no political overtones. It really looked like a cool place to be.

    I'm still the conservative guy that I was yesterday and I'm not crazy about some of the gay lifestyle and flamboyance and I don't think that their unions should be called marriage, but I have a gay son and maybe next year, I just might attend a parade with him.