Practice or shall we say, devising using random number

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    I've been practicing or trying various pass line with odds and placing the numbers, inside numbers, 5,6,8.9...pressing from one, to two to three units...stopping at three units. Taking only double odds. This basically mirrors my actual action in various casinos...I'm using a random number generator(WOV) game. While those of you few who pay others to teach you how to change the random aspect can go ahead, make the trainers day/week/month/year?. Your are indeed "fools on stools" as the saying goes. But, back to my inquiry...I lose about 3 out of four sessions. Lose is defined as apx $5000.usd when a single unit is a $100.usd chip. Should I learn from this you simply will lost 75 percent of the time? and/or can you some how turn that winning session into a large enough win to offset losing the other 75 percent of the time? Thanks. I've tried adjusting the "unit" amount after a winning point is made and so far this is working....Any ideas?
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    Get a copy of WinCraps. Write your own scripts. Play zillions of hands while you sleep. Wake up and be amazed.
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    Find a way to minimize risk which also includes a way to maximize gain.

    Regardless of bankroll, and yours appears to be a bit larger than many, the best way I have found to risk less is to make only one wager at a time.

    Obviously, this takes much of the gambling rush out of the equation, and it is not a way I see any experienced players playing. Nevertheless, it does for you what is intended.

    When you are ahead, figure out a way to make this one wager aggressively larger, perhaps risking a majority but not quite all of what you are ahead.

    Craps is a game of streaks. When you are on a good one, don't be afraid to get as aggressive as you dare. At times, but definitely not often enough, the winners continue showing, and when they show, you want to be riding them aggressively.

    BTW, while your 25% session win percentage seems to be "within normal limits", you can do much better than this if you play as smartly as you can. Sure, there will be plenty of times that nothing seems to work, but you should get yourself out of the game as this starts to occur. Winning can be enhanced by learning to lose less.
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    I believe in the one bet idea if i just want to play and the tables are close to
    full and i am not going to shoot the dice... Either write it down or keep track
    with your chips. Numbers have streaks just like tables run warm and cold.

    If you see a streak number, bet it,, it hits take it down and wait for the next shooter.

    I think it was Frank that said every bet with the casino is a contract with
    the casino and it caries with it a cost ( house advantage) the more bets
    you have working, the greater the potential costs of those contracts...

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