Practice Makes Perfect

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    This thread is more of a rant than anything.
    I'm tired of practicing on my rig at home day after day and accomplishing the best throw, and as soon as I find it i loose it. I know practice makes perfect but sometimes I wonder. If there are any other setters here feel free to chime in with tips and techniques.
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    Jan 9, 2010
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    HONESTLY, i know the feeling. i go home and practice everyday and sometimes i can throw back to back and a lot of hardways and then i throw nothing but sevens
    just make sure you set up everytime the dice and when you grip them, make sure to use the fingertips. it will almost feel like you are about to drop the dice,. then in the same motion ( almost like putting in golf) just release the dice
    no push, no throw
    practice makes perfect
    i have actually rolled in this order H4,H4,H10,H4 and the two rolls later H6
    so with practice it can be done, just have to trust yopuself and let the dice and your throw do the work
    MAKE sure you tip the dealer because in case ur short , they wont give you shit;
    if you only hit the wall with one dice, they wont bother you etc...
    i also got a frwe videos on youtube
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    My best roll in a casino was 45 minutes.

    Its hard to get a lot of practice in at a full table. I find that throwing dice is like shooting pool. It takes a while to warm up but after a few games my accuracy falls off. I sometimes feel like real dummy after setting the dice only to 7 out, while the other players hit points by just picking them up and throwing them.

    When throwing dice I find that I need at least 3 attempts to get in the rhythm.

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    My first post:

    I don't know the user id's

    The video by ironwig was very interesting. Those who know me know I have a craps table in my study.
    I have a few videos but I don't post them in an "open" forum.

    I am not crazy about the term Dice Control. You only have control as long as the dice are in your hands,
    but it just a term - no big deal. I use the term influence - or DI.

    But the subject of this thread - it seems that FS is just a bit frustrated with being maybe a bit inconsistent.

    When I travel I take a portable practice rig with me. If I have a really bad - inconsistent - session -- it's up
    to my room for a little tweaking. Sometimes this might not even do the trick. I will then shut down for a few
    hours if not the rest of the day. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery - a different table. Not all tables
    are the same.

    Have you thought of shooting from the "Don'ts"?

    Don't bet very much on the first time or two you toss the dice - get a feel for the table.

    Just some random thoughts.

    Best of Luck at the Tables!

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