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    With the wipeout of 2020 craps (for me at least) I have some money to wager on the NFL this year and I'm fixing to get my hands on some Yankee payroll. I have found a realistic wager that will pay substantial returns and I am happy to share but I will only do so by way of private messaging and not in an open forum. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and I'm not interested in any commissions or fees. All my information and wagers will be gratis.

    I know there is another month or so before the season starts but there is much to do so we need to set up early. If interested reply here and I will include you in on a PM group. I think the PM allows for maybe half a dozen invitees and should there be more than that we will improvise.

    What's in it for me? Well you guys are at ground zero so to speak and see and hear information that I do not. Any football discussions can only benefit my selection process.
    If you like football and have had enough discussion on COVID and Trump take a leap of faith.

    All I ask for is confidentiality around the process.
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