Need some advice on grip and release ===>

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    Hey everyone i wanted a couple suggestions from any shooters that are willing to help about my grip and the release of the dice. I use the 3 finger front grip and was throwing consistent with it until about a week and a half ago i noticed my dice have different amounts of backspin at times and varies from throw to throw and it gets me frustrated. I do notice that the dice do not feel comfortable in my grip sometimes and wanted to know if any1 could elaborate on that. I wonder if my problems could be from the release also and wanted to hear what some shooters had to say about how the release of the dice out their hands feel like? Do i let my fingers act like a fulcrum to add backspin as sharpshooter prescribes? Also sometimes my dice have a lateral roll-out after hitting the wall is that caused by too much force and them landing on their edges. Btw i do have a home practice table with the pyramid rubber and a felt layout. I use bone tracker to track my rolls using the hardwat set 3-3 top and 5-5 facing me. Ive been throwing alot of double pitches and off axis results with the grip/release problem.
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