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    This last trip to the casinos , Parker and I went to the table shortly
    after lunch on the second day. I had gotten the dice and threw a hard 8
    on my come out roll. The stick man slid the dice to me and a guy crowded in ,
    between Parker and myself , threw a $100 bill to the box man requesting chips
    I set the dice down till this turd got situated , box man said "throw the dice".
    The idiot asked Parker , "Is he a good shooter"?
    Parker said , "One of the best "
    The guy says , "Well I think I will bet on him"
    so he puts $6 on the 8 and a come bet.
    Parker suggested he "play across and play the hard 6 and hard 8
    The guy said , "No I usually only have one bet up at a time.

    When I finally sevened out we went to the cashiers cage and Parker came out
    with a fistful of cash the guy asked Parker how much he had won , Parker told him
    and asked him how much he had won. The guy was all excited with a $300 win
    said it was the most he had ever won.
    The guy followed us to the bar where Parker explained the differences between
    "Playing to lose less" and , "PLAYING TO WIN".
    It turns out that the guy reads the Craps Forum. He asked Parker
    if he ever gets on it . Parker said , "On rare occasions"
    The guy said it was on the Craps forum that he learned his
    betting strategy and now he loses a lot less.