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    So there are a thousand + books on how to win at craps. It seems to me that most of them say the same thing. The best odds are on the pass/dont pass line and come/don't come bets, plus odds. This is the basis for every legitimate strategy.
    Having said that, I do think that learning different strategies gives us a deeper understanding of the game. But who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on books just to find out that most of them are the same?
    I propose we share books.
    I have three titles to share...

    -The Basics of Winning Craps by J. Edward Allen
    -The Craps Lesson by Gene Robinson
    -Beat The Craps Table by Marten Jensen

    All of my books are soft cover. So what I did was undo the book binding and copy the few pages that really matter. The pages that describe the strategy. I can emial you the pdf file if you want to trade.
    I am not looking to make money on this, nor should you. That would infringe on copyrights. But I'd be glad to trade with you.
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    Well you have quite a bit of betting strategy books. If your ever so inclined to learn caontrol shooting,
    a skill I highly reccommend looking into, I recommend getting the Golden touch craps book. It explains
    the concept in a way that doesnt sound like hocus pocus. The biggest draw for me to this book is that it
    made no claim that control shooting is a perfect thing. offering instead a way to avoid sevens for as long
    as possible using battle tested methods of concepts of physics””that to me as someone who played baseball,
    bowls and other such sports which require muscle memory””made sense. More importantly it explains the
    betting systems requried to win using controlled shooting. Hope you give it a look.