interesting sight today while eating lunch

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    May 4, 2013
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    I like to eat lunch a few different places.
    Now that the weather is nice, I don't feel I need to stay home for lunch.

    Today, I was in one of two of my favorite small bagel cafes/stores, and was sitting at a table that was a few feet from the front window.
    The window is a bit shaded.
    The store is located near a corner where there is a bus stop in front of it.
    Its common to see people leaning against the window waiting for the bus.

    This morning, around 12:30, actually, afternoon, a female, Id guess 22-25, skinny, was wearing white jeans, and a white oversized teeshirt, she was texting away on her phone, leaning against the window.
    Didn't really look any different than any other day, but she started to put her hand down her butt and was scratching her ass , then picking at it, it was just so funny because me and the few people eating where getting some show. She had pushed her jeans down at least 6 inches in the back, her tush was just haning out and she had her fingers in there going at something. It wasn't as if she was fixing a wedgie, she was scratching and digging like there was gold in them there cheeks.
    The senior couple sitting in back of me starting laughing and asked me if we should tell her, and I couldn't stop laughing.
    Ofcourse, when I left, I said to myself, wow, could have been a disaster if it was a 300 lb 60 y/0 woman.
    It would have been a great bit for Ellen show or candid camera type show.

    it was really funny. I hope whatever she was digging for, she found and got it out.
    The bus came, she pulled up her pants and hopped onto the bus.
    The senior couple were laughing out loud, they made me laugh with them.
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    Haha! Classic!

    A similar thing happened to me when eating at a restaurant with a double sided mirror as it's window out to the underground carpark. A few young girls were out for the night and were checking themselves out in the "mirror", trying to make sexy faces etc.
    ...scared the bejeezus out of them when I thumped on the window :D

    Trust me Liman, if you thought it was funny when she didnt know you saw her....its x100 more hilarious when she knows shes been busted. :p
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