If you could influence the dice what strategy would you use!

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    Let's say your a dice setter, it's 4 in the morning and your the only player at
    the table. You have one dice set that results in an extremely above average
    number of High-Low's (2 & 12). You have a large bankroll, what betting strategy
    would you use to profit?

    I like to throw a buck on the 12 sometimes when I'm rolling, I know it's a terrible
    bet with the house advantage being so high. When I do hit the 12, I always
    parlay it! The probability is 1 in 1296 (36 X 36 = 1296). On those rare times
    when the 12 comes back to back it's a nice payoff of $930 for my $31 bet.
    I can't count how many times I've done it throughout the years. When I hit
    the back to back 12's, I take take $810 to the rail and bet $120 on the Horn.
    It doesn't hit often but every once in awhile lightning strikes! One night some
    years back I had a buck on the 12 with a woman throwing and the unbelievable
    happened, she rolled 12, 12, 2, 11, 11, and 12. I had $800 just of the Horn on
    the final 12, to say the least that was the best buck I ever invested!

    So if I could control the dice and my set produced more 2 & 12's then normal,
    I'd break my bankroll up to give myself a thousand bets with a tiny progression
    after say 30 rolls. I would parlay the first hit then add the Horn. My hope would
    be that my dice setting skills could produce back to back 12 in 1000 rolls.
    The average shooter will hit the back to back 12, one time out of the 1000 rolls.
    Image the damage I could do at the tables if I could just influence the dice
    and I had a set that resulted in my "hot" numbers being the 2 or 12!

    For you guys that are dice setters, any of you have a set that results in an
    above average of 2's & 12's? All you have to so is to throw two back to back
    once in a 1000 rolls to be approximately even. The imagination runs wild,
    what if I could influence the dice to result in throwing 12's 3 times in a row
    "once" in 10,000 rolls. If I could just do that they would write books about
    me!!! I don't think it's unreasonable for some so called professional dice
    influence shooter to average three 12's in a row once "EVERY" 10,000 rolls!
    Am I asking to much here???? This should be interesting, I'm looking for
    the Greatest 12 Shooter In The World, hell let's make it even easier, do
    it once "EVERY" 20,000 rolls!
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    I love to dream like you. There are three problems. First is actually getting a table for one. Then can your throw be "dialed in" to the table? Then are you recording results to determine what you are throwing, in this case 2 & 12's, is actually actionable? A fourth thing, using these recorded results, you could enter them into a dice program, which could point you into the perfect set for your betting needs. A lot of work but if you can live near the casino, you could make this happen!
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    Try 6/5 up and5/6 facing for the horn numbers
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    Thats a great set for the comeout roll, but straight sixes would probably a better choice once a point is established, unless you are a darksider. It'll keep those sevens away from single-pitch rolls.
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    IMO -

    Someone told me my opinion sucks or stinks like s***
    but anyways...

    I would Hedge your bet.

    For more information, please see my other post.
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