House of the Rising Sun -- Craps Player Edition

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    Once again the holiday season has arrived so it's time for another re-write of the lyrics of a well-known song/poem to a craps theme. Previous efforts include:

    'Twas the Night Before Christmas -- Craps Player Edition

    Pinball Wizard by The Who -- Bubble Craps Edition

    House of the Rising Sun -- Craps Player Edition

    There is a table in New Orleans
    They say it can't be beat
    And it's been the ruin of countless craps players,
    Turned some into deadbeats

    My troubles they just happen
    Each time I shoot the dice
    My mistress is the come out roll
    I've paid a steep price

    Now the only thing a craps player needs
    Is a bank roll and chips
    And the only time he's satisfied
    When dice show the right pips

    My warning to all others
    Not to do what I have tried
    But shun that table in New Orleans
    Where player bets go off to die

    Well, I've got one hand in my wallet
    I'm reaching for some more bills
    Been chasing losses all night long
    Thought I had the right skills

    Well, there is a table in New Orleans
    Still say it can be beat
    Lady Luck will someday help erase all my pain
    (I'll) Never admit defeat

    The Animals (and Eric Burdon as a solo artist) recorded several versions of House of the Rising Sun. The one I based my re-write on can be found below.

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