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    Hey everyone, I go by Thunder. I got the nickname at my job over ten years ago by a fellow employee. She named me and my sidekick, Thunder and Lightning because she said you could always hear us coming. We always brought the funnies wherever we went together. So I wanted to incorporate that into my business. Of course it got put on hold from Covid but I can fit my table in the back of my 15 passenger van and take it to parties as a rental. I have done it twice. The last party I took it to, my buddy told me I could go live on twitch to make another side of income. I decided I needed at least some following first so I started out on youtube as Throwing Thunder. I have done family get togethers so far. Once things smooth over with the virus I hope to have some house parties as well to provide content for my channel. For now I have done practice sessions. I am currently finishing up a tournament the I am doing for the Color Up club. I would like to do subscriber strategies as well so if anyone has any funky ones they do at the casino let me know.
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