Heard it at the Craps Table...

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    Post the best / funniest / craziest things you have heard at the craps table.

    Last night I met my wife at Rivers Casino for dinner, as we usually do once a week. After dinner, she continued on her way home (from work) while I stayed to play craps. She's not a gambler while I have been known to make a bet or 2 at the craps & baccarat tables.

    I was playing in the hook and a friend of mine was next to me (3rd from stick). The dealer was an attractive young woman. While getting ready for a new shooter, she leaned across the table to collect my friend's Fire Bet. While still in that position she turned her head, looked up at me, smiled and said, "While I'm bent over, is there anything you want?!!!"

    Who says there aren't friendly craps dealers?
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