Group Team play in Southeastern Pennsylvania

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    This is for the "riff raffs" who play at Sugarhouse in Philly,Parx in Bensalem, or Chester Harrahs.
  2. $nakeEye$, Oct 11, 2011


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    No one wonder you consider your self " Riff-Raff " -

    You start a thread -

    Then you leave it hanging -

    And I am going to pull on it -

    And unravel it !

    Just like what one encounters when they have a hanging thread on an article of clothing -

    If you want to get something going with the " RiffRaff's" -

    Do it , Dude !!!!

    You just might have something going here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. -

    And, yes, there I am again with those more than one ( ! ) !

    I would join you there - SouthEast PA -

    However, it's the same pathetic scenario as the Sands in Bethelehem or Mt. Airy -

    You drive 1 hour -

    You are stuck with the results of the 1 casino that you gambled ON to meet your playing criteria -

    OTOH -

    AC - as dismal / low-life as one desires to describe it as -

    At least -

    Offers , at present , 11 options , all within driving / jitney bus distance -

    Which is considerably less than a half to a full hours drive from A to B to C in PA!

    Just my opinion !
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