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    :coolsmile: Here's what I do. When I walk into the casino, first thing I do is observe the table. Never hop into the game. Check the chips on the rail, it gives a good indication as to how hot the table is, mood of the players. In other words, read the table. Look for the signs. Irregardless of strategy, method of play you use, do the following, after every win from the numbers you have played deposit them them in your POCKET. Designate that pocket as a NO TOUCH POCKET. Once you have your initial investment in your pocket, take 1/2 of your profits and go crazy. If you have for instance $50.00 on the 5 or 9, raise up to $100.00, even more. At some point you have to make a decision. Could this be my opportunity to cash in on a hot table, I'm at the point where I'm playing with their money. My own initial investment is back in my pocket. By playing this way, it gives a window of opportunity to cash in big, it doesn't happen often, and when it does go crazy.
    The above is not for the faint hearted, only for those that want to cash in big.
    Always remember, never chase your money, it runs a lot faster then you will ever run. Stick to your budget. Learn to walk away, tomorrow is another day.
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    Of course, past results are no indication of future ones.
    Alan Shank