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    From the cocktail waitress I / we are at least receiving a " freebee " from the casino -

    I drink Heinekin beer and Linda drinks either Vodka or Chardonnay wine -

    There is probably no discernable difference between the dealers and waitresses -

    A while back - at home when my betting strategy was to only bet MY established point with odds -

    I placed a $2 bet on the top of my passline wager -

    On a win I would throw the dealers a $1 -

    There were sessions when there were a whole lot of $1 in the dealers toke stack -

    I really never gave this any thought prior to your mentioning this -

    I am in this not as entertainment nor amusement in any way, shape or form -

    As I stated in previous posts - I do not believe that it is my responsability to contribute to the livlihood of underpaid casino dealers -

    I have had to cut my workforce by 75% in the last few years due to lack of work -

    These dealers have a job -

    If they are dis-satisfied with their pay - leave -

    One of my daughters or my son once remarked to Linda and I -

    I do not want to work for you - I want a real job -

    Well - he's in the US Navy - career guy -

    As for the girls - they're in the medical field -

    Working for the " MAN " -

    I'm 63 - work a few more years - pack it in - close up shop -

    What a waste -

    Been in business since 1988 -

    Established a reputable reputation in our field of work -

    And because someone broke their fingernail she decided to " Get a REAL JOB " =

    Getting back on track of the subject -

    I will contemplate making wager(s) for the dealers -

    But on my terms -

    I will control the bet - and I will disperse winnings to them at my direction / discretion -

    Not theirs -

    I have no anomosity towards these people =

    The fact of the matter is simply that I have been absorbed in my own playing methods that I never gave thought about the " other side " of the table !
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    Interesting article -

    Perhaps I will put a $2 cap on my PL wager - and if it wins - toss the dealers $1 - and let the $2 cap remain -

    In this way -

    It is essentially the casino who is tipping the dealer -

    I used to do something similar at the BJ tables -

    I think by placing a bet next to yours for the dealer is a foolish manuevour on the players part -

    Also any place bet could also be " capped " in this manner -

    You would probably need to instruct the dealer that " You're on my back for the $1 and I control it " !
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    Not toking dealers = bad karma....

    just sayin'...
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    I don't tip except for the fire bet or sharp shooter if I am on it their on it for a buck anyway if I have a real good session I will tip but that ain't been the case as of late
    +1 on the bad karma lol