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    In the " discussion thread" thread in the Advanced Craps Section several posts are referenced by post number. Since there are over 300 posts in that thread a question arose as to how to find those referenced posts easily.

    I have noted that the URL of a page other than the first ends with a subdirectory notation in the form "/Pn/", where "n" is one less than the first post number of that page. Consequently, subtracting one from the post number desired and adding or substituting that number for "n" in the URL will get you directly to that post. For example, to get to post #107 in the thread you would first get to that thread, which would put "" in the URL area of your browser, then add "P106/" to that URL and press [Enter]. Voilà, at least in Firefox.

    Exception: the above doesn't work for Post #1; P0 gets you to the original post. You have to scroll down to the first reply. If you are so challenged that this additional step is beyond you, well, I guess you're just doomed to remain ignorant!
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