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    We have some plans up in the air for early sept, and not sure where we will end up, but want to have 4 nights secured in a casino hotel.
    Total rewards, caesars, gave them a call, just to secure AC if other plans don't come to fruition(meeting others at different location)
    I asked for Friday through Tuesday, and I was told prices for Friday and Saturday night.
    I then requested she take a look at both my card and my wife, and she said, sorry, Mr. LIman, there is no difference with the rates.
    So I continued, so let me get this straight, you will comp me sunday and Monday, but charge me for Friday and Saturday even though you have rooms open in caesars?
    Im sorry Mr. Liman, yes, that is correct, your player card will not allow me to comp Friday and Saturday night.

    Can I please speak with someone other than you, a supervisor? Manager? I don't want to offend you miss, but I believe my play entitles me to any night of the week. How bout you charge me 39 dollars for sunday and Monday night, and comp me Friday and Saturday?
    Im sorry Mr. Liman, I cannot do that.
    I insist, please put someone else who can help me, hold on please Mr. Liman.
    1 minute later, Ok sir, we can comp Friday night, but there is still a charge for Saturday night.
    Really? Please put someone on the phone so I can straighten this out, miss.
    Hold on mr. Liman.
    1 minute later, hello sir? I spoke with my supervisor and based on your play and your wifes play I can give you the four nights complimentary.
    Mr. Liman, would you like to stay on the phone to hear an offer?(trying to sell their credit card with astronomical rates)
    No miss, but thanks for your help

    everytime I call caesars for a room, I get a run around.
    I never get angry, I just keep asking for a supervisor and eventually get my rooms comped.
    I didn't know about this and for years I paid for weekend nights.
    I guess its a game the casinos lilke to play, comp you weeknights, and even though the rooms are open, make you pay 299 dollars for Saturday night.
    total bullshit.
    My play doesn't deviate, I don't play more or less on a Saturday or a Tuesday.
    and I understand they want to save rooms for the big players, but if they are willing to give me a rate, they have rooms. Plenty of them.

    and its not being obnoxious, its just sticking to your guns because the casino will milk every cent out of you they can. Only because they can.

    btw, she never said comp, she said complimentary. She/they are following scripts, they read this stuff off a sheet.
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    Good information. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great post for this site!