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    This is the kind of Craps sit down Layout used at a Casino in North Kansas City, Missouri around the first year in operation.

    It used a Roulette wheel, lacking the 0 and 00, making 36 possible combinations of a pair of Dice. It was set up on a BlackJack table and players sat on a stool, as if playing cards. I watched a Craps Dealer I knew from another Casino playing. It did not seem to be very exciting, to me.

    Each Roulette drop had two dice combinations. A 4-4 would be the Hard Eight, etc.. You would need good eyes to see them.

    This is one the few layouts known. I have only seen one being used in Kansas City. Has anyone else seen one?

    OK... now the Roulette Bias may be discussed, much like Dice Setting. I think it was a dud. Today, a true novelty.

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    Prairie Meadows has a table with a layout similar to this. It's less than 8' long more like 6. They use a dealer and a stick. You can set and do anything you want with the exception that your hands have to stay to the left or right of the stick dependent on what side you play from.

    I tried it once and found that tossing that short of distance was rather awkward for me after years of 12 and 14 foot tables.
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