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    For those who influence the dice:

    Have you seen any difference in your throwing available with brand new dice and dice than have been played with for a couple of hours?

    After a very good roll they changed the dice at the table. It was getting late (for me) and I have to leave. I was wondering if they were trying to telling me something or it might have been the time to change the dice.

    Ever happen to you after a good row.

    This was not my 1st good roll at this casino.

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    Dec 13, 2010
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    For me I prefer dice that have been used a few hours it gives me a better grip.Its the exact concept of breakin in a ball.If you have to put dirt or sand or rub a dollar on your hands before you enter the casino

    Eventually casinos have to change the dice so if it happened just this once at the end of a shift then its ok.BUT if this happens everytime someone has a good roll than thats shady.I remember a few weeks ago this guy hit 5 point fire bet and must of had 35 rolls.The pit boss kept examining the dice and practically had her eye on it "I said do you need a magnifying glass.She was talking to the other pit boss and could here them discussing about a dice change but it didnt happen.
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