Democratic Debates

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    My 2 cents.....

    Biggest winner- Kamala Harris: She speaks well, is articulate and attractive, has a killer instrinct
    and has high energy. She scares me. She's the horse to beat. I don't think that there is a black
    candidate to beat Trump, however.

    Biggest loser: Joe Biden. Low energy Intentionally was low key but over did it. Harris shit all over
    him on the busing issue and he didn't fight back. His poll numbers will take a big hit. He may have
    lost his momentum and I doubt that he can get it back.

    Bernie- Had a net positive. Seems that he spoke the most. Figurative head of the Socialist party.
    He's nuts but he is sincere. At least he admitted that taxes will go up to pay for all of the free shit
    that's coming.

    Mayor Pete- Very smart and dynamic. The smartest person up there, but so was Hillary. Still too
    green. See ya in 2028, Pete.

    Booker- Wednesday's biggest loser. Piles on. One trick pony: racism, racism, racism. His Spartacus
    moment is in the rear view mirror. Go back to that shit hole city and state that you live in.

    Tulsi- I like her too. Easy on the eyes. Military background. Potential VP selection

    Last question- "if you could solve one issue, what would it be?" I would have thought that climate change would have swept the panel, but all kinds of crazy shit came up. The world has only 12 years before
    climate change is irreversible and some of these guys are sweating semi automatic weapons?
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    I stopped watching the primary debates, both Democratic and Republican...mainly because no one answers the question that is asked. It seems the responses are pre planned, they avoid the direct nature of any question and the candidate goes off on their own tangent.

    Shit can the moderators questions and just give each person 10-15 minutes to outline their platform. Everyone is looking for their "gotcha" last nights case I saw the clip of the back and forth between Harris and Biden. Obviously she made her gotcha moment....and is now all the talk as having "won" the debate.

    It becomes superficial. A one liner becomes all the talk.
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    What is the reason to watch those democrat debates.........the people up there are all pieces of garbage....looking to make as much money as possible......everything they have to offer is garbage..........why watch garbage ?

    Your winner sucked Cummings cock to get ahead.......


    My guy fucks porn married to a beautiful, intelligent a self made billionaire that has ACCOMPLIHED BIG THINGS in his life.....has parlayed millions into billions....has failed 4 times and came back from the dead.......he has battled, won big, lost big,is a fighter, has a clear vision for the country, is doing his very best to accomplish those things he feels are important, is fighting major domestic and forighn forces and guy has flaws, but another thing he has is a great love of America.....this trumps everything.........people don't like him for his vocabulary, he attacks all those that attack him big and small, his NY attitude, him not being shy to hit enemies and friends alike, his moving pieces around if they don't perform the way HE wants, his not being Presidential, his not being afraid to fight the world if they try to hurt America, and his giving the finger to politicians and big money if do things that hurt the country...........he has the chance to go down as the greatest President this country ever had, if you look at what he has/will accomplished.........if he is in for 8 years there is no ceiling on the good he can do.........I believe..........It is not a battle of Republicans against Democrats....but is a battle between the forces of good and evil.......I say this because God put him in....I say this because there is NO WAY he should have way.......he has been sent here for a purpose....his job is not finished.

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