Cross your heart and hope to die.....

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    Jul 4, 2010
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    To piggy-back on KJ4's comment today about getting together .

    I have tried this in the past but I never really got any takers.

    I am thinking this:.........

    Whomever agrees here, does the minimum of the following ( more if they feel very, very generous and hit it really, really, really BIG ).....

    1. EVERYTIME you go to a casino you put 20 bucks into a slot machine that has a minimum payout of 1 million dollars. This 'contribution' is an absolute, hard requirement and if you decide to sign-up it you must say...." I will do this , Cross My Heart and Hope to Die".

    2. All "signed up " will be sent first class tickets ( round trip ) for them and significant other to go to a casino selected by the winner.

    3. Accomodations will be paid by the winner.....length of stay will be approximately 5 days ( TBD by the winner) .

    4. All signed up will be given no less than 5000 cash to do with what they want.

    You must have at least 500 posts here to sign up. Note: the winner has the latitude to invite anyone he/she wishes.

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