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    I have been on this site and have learned much. We never talk about Craps bubbles, even though we all see em and lose our money in em. There are a lot of little bubbles and they affect us all the time and they usually don't hurt much until they add up.
    Now big bubbles hurt and should be avoided at all costs. There are more than one type of big bubble so recognizing when you are on a bubble is important and being able to get off a big bubble in a timely manner is critical.
    When do bubbles appear?
    How can I avoid a bubble?
    You cant, if you play. maybe with a doey dont.
    Here's the problem.
    We all love to ride the bubble. feels good to be on the bubble and sliding down from a big big bubble like wow.
    Worse thing, being high up on that bubble and suddenly... POP!!!!
    Ya end up on your ass.
    Now there are some here who contend they can make bubbles. Some even want to try to make money just training how to make bubbles. It will not matter if you do not recognise a bubble even if you can make em.
    Which brings me to my point. I am looking for natural bubble guards. These are people who respect bubbles.
    They do not have to like the bubbles, just kind of watch and know who to treat a bubble.
    With these bubble speakers we can teach others to know the bubble. if you think you are a bubble speaker please demonstrate.
    I already have a few good craps players who are willing to learn and anticipate in bubble craps theory lessons.
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    The way to take advantage of that bubble is to make lay bets on the bubble machine. Then when the seven pops the bubble on the bubble you get paid instead of laying broke in a puddle of bubble juice by the bubble machine.

    You can ride the lay bubble on the bubble machine for as low as a dollar instead of the $30 minimum price to ride the bubble on a real table.
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    Where is Dave? I know what he would say! "Great place for a SRT!"