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    When you step up to a Craps Table, find a position at the Table, that is open, and casually look around to see what 'action' is on the table's felt and a quick assessment as to Player's Bankrolls. If there is a full layout of wagers... most likely the Game has been going on for longer, than usual. Either way, you can get a sense how well the Players have been doing during this... moment in time.

    A minute later... it most likely can change.

    The amount of Chip Inventory in front of a Craps Player is not a Brain Cell Count. MOST Players routinely buy in at the table a fixed amount, predetermined before even arriving at the Casino.

    A $3 Table may be $100 of Craps Action buy in.
    A $5 Table may be $200 to $300 Craps Action buy in.
    A $10 Table, $500 and a $25 Table $1000, a $100 Table $10,000.

    Misery loves... company. A table full of Players... losing, is a bit easier to handle. If there are only you and another player... losing... it seems more, personal. There are only three or four dealers watching you being... wiped out.

    Never assume the BIG Bankroll Player knows any more than anyone else at the Table. By watching their 'game', you will know. I often find the $100 to $200 Player's game exceeds any strategy being used at a table at any time.

    There is never a Good Time or a Bad Time to step up to a table. A long roll could be followed with a series of Point Seven Outs. The PSO. A series of PSO's can be followed by a long roll, but the Players are now scratching to find a couple $5 and $1 chips left to wager.

    Accept the fact that you could be at the End of a long game, the Beginning of a long game... or the start of the PSO, short three or four roll game without a winner being paid... Just bad timing.

    Many players at a Craps Table are ... paranoid. They 'think' people are staring at them. They 'think' the Dealers are after them. The Dice favor the Table over the Player. Dice Outcomes are too... unusual in their combinations, making the game suspicious that the dice are... dishonest. The 'three pip' is showing too often... Dice BIAS after two rolls, for sure.

    Ignore them. They also post on many Craps Forums. Too many. Too often. They will lose more often, than you win. When you are winning, you may... like .... to recoup previous losses. But do not lose more trying that idea. It is for chronic losers.

    Just have several Systems you are comfortable. If your Bankroll goes from $300 down to $150... modify the System to handle that kind of action. If the table 'turns' in your favor, build up your chip count in the... RACK. You do not necessarily want to PRESS your wins every time, but play as if you are a Stingy Banker. When a favorable game seems to be at your finger tips, go for some Hardway wagers. Time may be right for anything.

    How do you judge the action at an active Craps Table?

    Do you prefer a full table? A half table? An empty table to play at your leisure?

    A Rock Star with $40,000,000 of previous earnings invested is making thousands of dollars... a day. He may sing, dance and play an instrument very well... but Craps... he is watching YOU and your game, as well. If you are winning and the shooter... he may want your autograph.
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