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    I had some friends who frequented the Riverboat Casinos in Missouri... back in the good old days, circa 1994 to 1996. Craps was new to most and the cruise was less than TWO hours long before they docked, so you could NOT get the hell off the boat once moving. Seeing the sewage pipes dumping into the Missouri River was not my idea of casual entertainment on the top deck when my pockets were empty.

    I learned to hit the table hard... if I was winning or losing... then to jump ship, before they closed the doors after 20 minutes of Casino Patrons coming in with their boarding passes with $500 maximum allowed by law... for each cruise. It WAS against Missouri Law to give someone any Casino Chips or Slot Machine tokens. This satisfied the Church resistance towards Compulsive Gamblers not wasting their rent money.

    Some played "Buddy Craps".

    I had already developed my Hit and Run System. They had developed... well, they never did.

    I would hit the table hard, hope to win... and quit early enough to jump onto the ramp off the boat. Only one Craps Player I knew did understand and we would communicate with our eyes and ears. Not with conversation... that is for after quitting and coloring up, if there was anything to color up to.

    The Buddy Players would hit the table soft for 'time at play'. Longer the better. The table would hit... back and let the House Advantage take its toll. They would dig deeper into their wallet and the table would receive another wad of cash to complement the House Advantage.

    Conversation is not cheap at a Craps Table.

    Roulette, OK. Blackjack, OK. Slot Machines, OK. Talk all you like, as I am most likely not nearby.

    I resist Buddy Craps. When I play, my eyes are focused upon the entire Craps Table and my System Playing. I resist having an end dealer even making small talk with me. I am focused and determined to avoid missing a moment to adjust my wagers, if needed. "Impulse playing with experience HAS a distinct advantage."

    If you get into a conversation... you begin to make mistakes. Miss pressing wager(s). Dealer shorts you on a payout... and the list is long! Some wagers missed might have be beneficial.... I prefer to get onto the table, put my best anticipation of play out on the table working...

    After coloring up, then I can sit back and discuss how the game went right and what went wrong. Like not doubling up a Hardway 6 or 8 wager and it repeated two more times in one session.

    It is not that I am avoiding being friendly... but with wagers working on the Craps Table it is all- business.

    So when you want to chit chat about Craps... anytime, except with money on the table. Even better... standing and watching other Players at a live table. Critique different players and how their game is structured. Phony bankroll players and those hard core expert players... playing down to their last chip.

    Seeing and paying attention provides dividends. Shooting the shit... is exactly that.
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