Boulder City, Nevada: Just close enough but far enough away

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    Snow Birds who spend five months in Boulder City, and seven months in Colorado.

    Boulder City is separated from Las Vegas and Henderson by a ridge of 1000 foot volcanics. Highways 93, 95 and soon, Interstate 11 will funnel traffic into the Las Vegas metro area. Largest City in Nevada by surface area. Right in the Mohave Desert... but Hoover Dam holds back what is left of the Colorado River and Lake Meade Recreation Area within ten minutes drive or bicycle.

    We hike to the City Park every day with our dogs. Any hour of the day or night.
    We can go to Lake Meade and camp for $5 a day for Seniors.
    We find within 15 miles of town anything we need.
    Local Station and independent Casinos welcome the locals with incentives to come.
    Movie tickets on Wednesdays... $4 at Station Casinos in Henderson.

    People talk about moving to Las Vegas, go for it. Henderson, a big improvement, go ahead.

    Boulder City.... where's that? Two Casinos on the East and West edge of town. Lots in southern Henderson. The Strip for Shows and Entertainment.

    For Gambling Addicts... stay away. Access to trouble is too close.
    For retired folks... the Summers are hot and dry, the winters are comfortable.

    We will never run out of things to do here. Trailer camping the Rocky Mountains at your door. Low humidity. Few bugs flying around.
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