BEST SIDE BETS need to be "covered" by game plan...

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    I do not play Craps to play... SAFE.

    I do not play Craps to minimize my winning or losing bankroll.

    I do not play Craps for a LIVING, a second CAREER or an inexpensive avocation. It is impossible to succeed with those "fatalistic" options unless you have a steady source of disposable income or savings.

    I play to BEAT THE STATISTICAL DISADVANTAGES BUILT INTO CRAPS. I do it by the mere "chance" that this unpredictable short term game of Craps, this scarce unpredictable event of timing can exceed all expectations, as consistent positive dice combinations ignoring the statistical norms of Craps, built upon pure mathematics and does not include in the formula what we call... LUCK.

    So, a SEVEN is easy to roll? Bet your bankroll on the worst bet on the layout... Any Seven, and show me how EASY it is to roll. Wrong...

    So, an Eight and/or Six are the next easiest to roll? Bet your bankroll in equal proportions on the Six and Eight. Easy to roll. Wrong...

    Now, I am calling Side Bets... Everything other than the Point with Odds. I am Pass Line player so am ignoring the Don't Pass Game Plan which limits my... Side Bet Options.

    Side Bets are like owning three Cows and having them bred by a Bull to produce three Calves. The Bull is the SEVEN. The Cows are your table wagers of your game plan/system. Sometimes the Bull is not interested. Sometimes the Bull is so eager that you have four calves as a result with multiple... wins, for a better term.

    The Side Bets can be "milked" but you have to have Cows that are producing. Those are your Place Bets and Point (or could be a Place Bet for some of you). When you milk the Place Bet 4, 6, 8 or 10 with Hardway wagers, you are looking for the Bull to be interested (random positive dice outcomes). When the Bull is not working for you... Seven Out.

    (You have to understand we camped for three weeks in the US Southwest deserts, as well as five days in Las Vegas, so Cattle come to mind in this post.)

    Look at playing and developing a Craps System of Play as owning and operating a Cattle Ranch.

    A Spring blizzard moves through and there is a 50% loss or more of your calves. A drought forces you to buy expensive hay and feed for the livestock. This is Craps on the Ranch. You have good years and bad years. As a Rancher, you are looking for a series of Good Years and cover the losses of those years that were not so great.

    Yo, Any Craps, Craps and Any Seven side bets are like not buying insurance for a future bad season. This money can be best put to use with a game plan. Experience should have given you reason why you play these or do not play these highly negative expectation wagers.

    Bring out the Bull to work the Hardways and have the Cows working on the Place Bets. When you feel this could be the boom year... cover the Five and Nine as well. (This is the $200/$300 Game System posts or the Full Monte posts as a thought.) The Cows are always more predictable and easier to work with than the Bull. You can build a five strand barbed wire fence with the strongest posts and the Bull turns it all into a rubble pile.

    Your Cows need to be well fed (with prudent side bet wagers and pressing on some wins) for predictable wins and keep the Bull content with the Side Bets that are riskier (the Stickman wagers).

    Now for you Chicken Farmers... I have no Rooster or Hen analogy to offer. You scratch around for Craps profits beneath all of the Chicken Drippings, while wasting those medium to long winning rolls to the Cattle Ranchers who are making a nice tidy profit for the next season.

    Read some of the well done and covered posts on:

    Hardways, Full Monte, $100 Systems, $200/$300 Systems, Fire Bets and similar topics already well represented on the Forum.

    If you do not understand HOW to Breed Cattle... open a book and understand how to succeed in the business. (Craps Math) Bulls sometimes need to jump the fence to change their "game plan" and so must you. Understand enough not to find yourself as a Chicken Farmer, which is fine when it concerns hens and chicks, but there are a lot of Chicken Drippings posted on the Forum to avoid believing there are any merit(s).

    Bubble Craps is also something to look into. I hope that Jacob starts a separate Bubble Craps Discussion. BC is still Bull and Cow Ranching at its best. A great way to tweak your game and understand how farm animals can be grazing green sweet grass one day... and in no time at all, be on the menu at an expensive restaurant we call... Playing Craps with Rancher strategy.
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    The wild,wild West......where Men are Men..and Cows are scared! ..oops I meant sheep.