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    probably doesn't even involve how to bet or what bet(s) to make, but rather should involve collecting what you have at risk on the table BEFORE pressing those bets.

    This should be obvious, but from the way many play, does not appear to be.

    This will be very easy to do if you are lucky enough to hit something that pays 9:1 or 30:1, but is not quite so easy for the all-acrosser.

    The bottom line is, collect that first winner (or the first 3 or 4 if you are playing across) before starting to press those bets. (this should read the first 4 or 5) ;)
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    Each player has his/her own risk profile and funds available to gamble with. Also prevailing table conditions should be factored in. Some players prefer higher risk, higher reward. I know of quite a few who full press (proper) the first hit on any place bet and collect on the 2nd hit. So on a $12 Place 6 bet, they'll go to $24 on the first hit (and collect $2), then collect $28 on the 2nd hit. After the 2nd hit -- if it happens -- that bettor will have collected $2 more compared with someone who collected $14 twice, plus have $12 more already on the place bet. Alas, whether or not that was a good decision will only be revealed after the 7 out.
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    There really is no best craps strategy. It's mostly all based off personal preference, goals, frequency of play, risk tolerance, bankroll, etc. Many locals here will attempt to grind out small gains...and walk. Next day, same. Next day, same. No progression, no regression. Low house edge. Get the "hit" and get out. Gone.

    I might not recommend this to the guy who flies into town, hotel, expenses and desire to gamble....and walks after 10 rolls of the dice? And do what? He's there to gamble. Pushing forward after a win is banked can reap some rewards. It can also cut into money already banked. from a technical's expected to fare worse over long term.

    If it is strictly "best"....using a universal known, don't pass/odds as far as a bet. Win goals, bankroll to goal, loss limit, etc obviously can play a factor in overall results.

    I assume this is a practical question not related to DI. A DI input/conversation will involve an entirely different "best strategy" perspective.
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    This game is nutz some day. On either side of the medal, good or bad.

    But most times it'll be choppy. Choppy means collect your bets. And risk what you can afford to lose.

    Don't overbet, bet enought to reach your win goal. Have a plan B.
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  5. lone irish digit, Jan 20, 2020

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    This is Barney

    According to the LID, the bestest craps strategy is enumerating in the Supperick's best selling book of the craps "Where's my craps table." He specifically dictates that the bestest craps strategy is to "bet what the table is giving you." He also reinforces this concept in his second craps book, "You cunt make this stuff up."